MeaNS - Measles Nucleotide Surveillance
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Partial list of records in MeaNS
Only 200 records with limited number of the data fields present in the MeaNS are shown here.

Those submitting Measles virus information to the database are issued with a participants login and consequently can view the whole database contents.

If you wish to submit data or access the database, or to cite it in publications, please email the curators (Means-Admin AT hpa.org.uk).
MeaNS Sample Id WHO name (MeaNS) Gene Genotype Country City Epi year/week GenBank Recent Travel
 MVs/Peterborough.GBR/15.06/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Peterborough 2006/15   
 MVs/Portsmouth.GBR/13.06/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Portsmouth 2006/13   
 MVs/Portsmouth.GBR/13.06/2 N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Portsmouth 2006/13   
 MVs/Portsmouth.GBR/13.06/3 N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Portsmouth 2006/13   
 MVs/Reading.GBR/16.06/ N (C450 nt) D4 United Kingdom Reading 2006/16   
 MVs/Redhill.GBR/10.06/ N (C450 nt) D6 United Kingdom Redhill 2006/10 EF079134  
 MVs/Redhill.GBR/10.06/2 N (C450 nt) D6 United Kingdom Redhill 2006/10   
 MVs/Romford.GBR/37.05/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Romford 2005/37   
 MVs/Romford.GBR/38.05/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Romford 2005/38   
 MVs/Romford.GBR/38.05/2 N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Romford 2005/38   
 MVs/Romford.GBR/39.05/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Romford 2005/39   
 MVs/Romford.GBR/44.05/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Romford 2005/44   
 MVs/Romford.GBR/44.05/2 N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Romford 2005/44   
 MVs/Romford.GBR/48.05/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Romford 2005/48   
 MVs/Sheffield.GBR/10.06/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Sheffield 2006/10   
 MVs/Sheffield.GBR/7.06/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Sheffield 2006/7   
 MVs/Sheffield.GBR/7.06/2 N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Sheffield 2006/7   
 MVs/Slough.GBR/13.06/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Slough 2006/13   
 MVs/Slough.GBR/13.06/2 N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Slough 2006/13   
 MVs/Slough.GBR/14.06/ N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Slough 2006/14   
 MVs/Slough.GBR/14.06/2 N (C450 nt) B3 United Kingdom Slough 2006/14   
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